Lifeboat Inspection, Drills, Operation, and Maintenance Training Series

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All personnel need to be familiar with everything from inspection and maintenance to launching, operating, and the recovery of lifeboats, so they can safely and confidently operate the lifeboats on their installation.

This three-course series will provide a general overview of lifeboat operations, and survival, and rescue practices. Also, students will get an in depth review of the weekly and quarterly inspection and maintenance process.

  • Course one, A Training Guide to Lifeboat Inspection, Maintenance, & Alternative Launch Requirements, will explain the basic procedures for inspecting and maintaining lifeboats, davits, winches, and hooks and will guide personnel through the weekly and quarterly inspection and maintenance process.

    This program also provides guidance on how offshore companies can perform alternative launch drills, while proving that all performance tasks that are required while the lifeboat is in the water can be satisfactorily replicated while the lifeboat is stowed in the davit with the maintenance pendants attached.

  • In course two, Lifeboat Muster, Drills, Launch, and Retrieval Best Practices, students will be able to identify different types of lifeboats and davits, and determine their launching procedures. They will also understand the process of mustering, conducting drills, and preparing to launch in an emergency.

  • Finally, Lifeboat Survival Practices: Operation, Navigation, Seamanship, and Rescue was designed to instruct the student in all areas relevant to launching, operating, and recovery of lifeboats.

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