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We are a one-stop business and industry resource center for keeping your company and its employees in compliance with safety, health, training, human resource and signage regulations. From Safety DVDs and eLearning courses, to OSHA signs, placards and decals Moxie has the expert knowledge and products to allow your business to meet industry and government regulations while assuring your employees remain competent now and in the future.

Featured Products

Maritime Lockout/Tagout Awareness Safety Training

Moxie’s Maritime Lockout/Tagout Awareness Safety Training will enable crewmembers to understand the importance of energy control, know the steps necessary to conduct an effective lockout/tagout procedure, demonstrate how to apply energy isolation measures, and use locks and tags.

Methanol Awareness and Safe Handling

Although methanol is a hazardous chemical, if you understand safe handling procedures and what to do if exposure to methanol occurs, you can reduce the risks and ensure the safety of the crew, the workplace, the environment, and the community. This training outlines some of the hazards related to the transport and storage of methanol and gives you information to help you handle methanol safely.

Distracted Vessel Operations for Maritime Employees

This program discusses the dangers to vessel crew and equipment due to distractions during marine vessel operations. When crews understand why visual, manual, and cognitive distractions are important to control, they are more likely comply with company policies and implement methods that eliminate the dangers of distracted operations.