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Safe Skiff Operations, Maintenance and Practices for the Towing and Workboat Industry

For crewmen working in a maritime environment, there has always been a need for small utility boats to facilitate and support routine operations. Operating these small boats without safe practices and procedures in place can be quite dangerous. Safe operation, accompanied by regular equipment inspections, drills and operator instruction is imperative. Failure to do so can result in severe or even fatal consequences.

Safe Line Handling for Assist Tugs

Lines are one of the most important and utilized tools in the maritime industry. They are strong and durable when used properly, but some of the most serious and disabling injuries in the maritime industry can result from improper line handling techniques. This is particularly true on ship assist tugs. This program is intended to raise awareness of the potential hazards that may arise when handling lines and to suggest some basic line handling guidelines for both ship assist tugs’ crews and ships’ deck crew.

Asbestos Awareness

Victims of asbestos-related diseases often do not exhibit any symptoms until decades after being exposed. Current medical data shows that approximately 200,000 people have died, or are terminally ill, from exposure on the job in the United States. And despite the dangers that asbestos presents, it is still a health hazard for millions of people who work in construction or perform housekeeping operations on the job. This program will cover critically important information that can help you recognize areas that may contain asbestos and avoid exposure on the job.