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Crew Safety Orientation

Formerly Deckhand Orientation & Injury Prevention Training for the Inland and Coastal Waterways, this best-selling program has been updated to include the requirements found in the Subchapter M regulations. Regulation 46 CFR 140. 410 Safety Orientation requires that prior to getting underway for the first time on a particular vessel each crewmember must receive this orientation.

This program also covers the training topics required by the American Waterways Operators, Responsible Carrier Program, (RCP) for entry level and deck crew personnel. Training topics cover orientation, safe work practices and hazard awareness instruction.

Navigation Safety: Watchstanding Duties, Communication and Procedures

This program conforms with the training requirements of 46 CFR 140.645 of the Subchapter M Regulations, which states that prior to assuming duties related to the safe operation of the towing vessel, each crewmember must be trained to ensure they are familiar with the following:

Navigation Safety: Duties of a Lookout

The safety and efficiency of a vessel depends on the alertness and effectiveness of lookouts. The lookout can be the first to observe a situation, object, or condition that affects the safety of the vessel and its tow.

This program was designed to demonstrate techniques and provide equipment knowledge, including bearings, radios, hand signals and binoculars, that will train students to observe specific operational environments and report as required