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We are a one-stop business and industry resource center for keeping your company and its employees in compliance with safety, health, training, human resource and signage regulations. From Safety DVDs and eLearning courses, to OSHA signs, placards and decals Moxie has the expert knowledge and products to allow your business to meet industry and government regulations while assuring your employees remain competent now and in the future.

Featured Products

Maritime Back and Soft Tissue Injury Prevention for Crewmembers

This dynamic back and soft tissue injury prevention program was designed to introduce you to the basic ergonomic concepts needed to help you perform your job using a safe and practical approach.

Cybersecurity Awareness

Employees are on the front line of computer security. Phishing, social engineering, and weak passwords are some of the easiest ways for a business to be exposed to a cyber attack. And given that we rely on computer systems on the job every day, cybersecurity is critical.

Cybersecurity awareness training helps get everyone in an organization on the same page. Once employees are aware of common cyber threats, they can reduce risks and incidents and help protect their organization and themselves.

Passenger Van Safety Training

Operating and driving passenger vans is different from driving a regular car or truck. And it’s important to realize that there are some special risks associated with passenger vans, including decreased maneuverability, larger blind spots, and a much greater risk of tipping and rolling over than other vehicles.

This course prepares drivers to be especially diligent when inspecting, loading, and maneuvering passenger vans to ensure safe operation.