About Us

Moxie Media is a full service Media Design & Production Company, founded in 1985 in New Orleans by Martin Glenday, our President and Executive Producer. We provide design & production services in a broad range of communications media: Film, Video, Interactive Multimedia, Online, and Print.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is "I love your name, but how did you come up with Moxie?" Well we usually begin by telling our clients that the "Moxie" definition matches our business philosophy.

The American Heritage Dictionary defines Moxie: (mok'se) n. 1. The ability to face difficulty with spirit, pluck, courage. 2. Experience; skill; shrewdness. 3. Initiative; aggressiveness. Or we tell people that Moxie is a soft drink older than Coca Cola, that is still being made in the North East. We would give samples to clients but it really isn't all that good. Or if they really press us for the truth, we explain that the company was named after an exceptional English Shorthaired Pointer that belonged to Walt Crory, one of Moxie's founders.