Introduction to Offshore Worksites

Introduction to Offshore Worksites

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Working offshore in the oil and gas industry is a unique and rewarding experience. But it also presents challenges from transportation and personnel transfer, to preparing for emergencies or incidents of any kind, as well as preventing pollution and staying alert to security threats.

This program will help your employees get started working offshore with safety as the top priority. It covers critical safety information including: traveling and transferring safely, preparing for emergencies, preventing marine debris and guarding against security threats.

This course was designed to meet and exceed the curriculum requirements necessary for IADC Rig Pass®, SafeGulf and SafeLand standardized orientation training program accreditation.

Topics Include:

  • Preparing to work offshore
  • Offshore transportation and transfer
  • Onsite Orientation
  • Offshore emergency response
  • Marine debris awareness and prevention
  • Offshore security awareness
  • SEMS awareness training

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