Making Safety More Than A Priority: 2-Program Set

Making Safety More Than A Priority: 2-Program Set

  • $840.00

1. The Dock Worker Meets the Doctor
A brilliant video of Charlie Morecraft, the renowned dock worker injured in a workplace fire, and Dr. Scott Geller, a professor of psychology at Virginia Tech, teaming in an inspiring presentation that combines the educational and experiential.

Both gentlemen focus on people and safety as a personal matter.

Employees will learn to distinguish responsibility from accountability and how safety must become part of the workplace culture.

This terrific approach will wake employees up from their complacency!

Length: 54 minutes

2. The Dock Worker and the Doctor Answer Questions
This Q & A program permits Charlie and Dr. Geller to reinforce their messages in direct responses to pointed questions from the audience of workers and managers.

Length: 25 minutes

Sku: PSM-DockDoc2pk

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