A Training Guide to Lifeboat Inspection, Maintenance, & Alternative Launch Requirements

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This program, part of the Lifeboat Inspection, Drills, Operation, and Maintenance Training Series, explores basic procedures for inspecting and maintaining lifeboats and davits in an offshore environment. And it explains the processes required for conducting weekly, monthly and quarterly inspections for both the lifeboat and davit.

Also, It conforms with the U.S. Coast Guard and IMO SOLAS regulatory requirements for inspections and maintenance. Generic to the different makes and models, this program will compliment the prescribed inspection and maintenance requirements recommended by the individual manufacturers.

Additionally, it addresses the required procedures for alternate “in davit” drills that do not require crewmembers to launch, release, operate, and retrieve the lifeboats because of safety concerns. Length: 31 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Inspection Requirements
  • Alternative Launch Inspection

Sku: MOX-OFF-Lifebt-Inspection