Safe Line Handling Practices for the Inland Waterways

Safe Line Handling Practices for the Inland Waterways

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Lines are probably the most used of all the tools in our industry. They are strong and durable when used properly but, without a doubt, some of the most serious and disabling injuries in our industry result from improper line handling techniques.

Over the years many deaths and serious injuries have been caused by careless handling of lines and personnel failing to recognize the threat they can pose when stressed under thousands of pounds of pressure. The goal of this program is to make deck personnel aware of the risk they face every time the head out on the tow with a coil of rope.

This program includes an introduction to the characteristics of lines used on the inland waterways and the dangers of working with lines such as line "snap-back", stepping in the bight of the line, back safety and fall overboard hazards. Length: 28 minutes

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