Office and Home Workstation Ergonomics Training

  • $35.00

This program, presented by Dr. Richard Bunch PhD., P.T., C.B.E.S., a licensed physical therapist and ergonomic specialist, illustrates simple principles that will help you create a safe and comfortable computer workstation whether working from the office or at home.

In this course, Dr. Bunch explores computer workstation ergonomics and how to improve health when working in a sedentary office and home work environment. This presentation includes ergonomic principles that follow the general guidelines established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Dr. Bunch also provides fitness and wellness tips supported by decades of experience conducting functional capacities evaluations (FCEs), new hire and return to work fit-for-duty evaluations, and his countless seminars and publications on ergonomics, wellness, and injury prevention of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).

Whether at the office or at home, configuring yourself a proper ergonomically designed workstation to promote neutral positioning of the body and good work habits will go a long way to preventing injury to your body. Length: 35 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Office Ergonomics: Introduction
  • Proper Seating – Achieving Neutral Posture
  • Proper Use of Keyboards and Input Devices
  • Proper Use of Monitors, Document Holders, and Telephone
  • Staying Healthy in a Sedentary Work Environment

Sku: MOX-GEN-WorkErg