Drilling Crews and Oilfield Support Personnel Duties & Responsibilities

Drilling Crews and Oilfield Support Personnel Duties & Responsibilities

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This program provides valuable insight into the duties and responsibilities involved in the oil and gas exploration process. It describes tasks associated with each member of the drilling contractor crew, including the operator, support personnel and service contractors, as well as a hands-on demonstration of the different types of work.

Training also covers basic rotary drilling process, explains what a drilling contractor does, and what an operating company is. Learners will also become familiar with the services that supply companies provide, the many types of contract service companies, and what vital functions they perform.

This program is perfect for training new oilfield employees or even as a recruiting tool to give potential employees the information they need to know about joining the industry.  Length: 23 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Introduction to Land Drilling Crews and Support Personnel
  • Drilling Contractor Rig Personnel
  • Drilling Contractor Onsite Rig Support Personnel
  • Drilling Contractor Offsite Support Personnel
  • Drilling Industry Supply and Service Personnel

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