Wire Rope Safety

Wire Rope Safety

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The Warrington Principle is a two-layer construction with uniform-sized ires in the inner layer, and two diameters of wire alterating large and small in the outer layer. This is 19 Warrington, 1-6-(6+6) strand.

Combined patterns incoporate two or more different types of constructions. This example is a Seale strand in its first two layers, the third layer utilizes the WarringtonPrinciple, and the outer layer is another Seale pattern of same-sized wires. This wire would be described 49" Seale Warrington Seale, 1-8-8-(8+8)-16 strand.

Wire rope constructions are grouped into standard classifications, according to the number of strands in the rope and the number of wires in each strand. Ropes comprising six strands, with seven wires per strand, are classified 6 x 7. Ropes comprising of six strands, from 16 to 20 wires per strand, are classified 6 x 19, and so on.

Length: 30 minutes

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