Maritime Security Assessment

Maritime Security Assessment

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Part of the ISPS & MTSA Maritime Security Compliance Video Training Series. This 3-part course discusses the process of performing a ship and port facility security assessment as it pertains to the process of developing and updating the port or ship security plan. The process of performing a threat assessment and on-site vulnerability assessment, or security survey, followed by a risk and consequence analysis is detailed. Risk based decision-making is presented as a tool for completing a security assessment and determining prioritized security measures for a ship or port facility.

Students are encouraged to adopt systematic and consistent approaches to the evaluation of security conditions and vulnerabilities, including the use of checklists and software to perform their assessments. Students are taught methods of conducting audits, inspection, and monitoring of port and ship security. Techniques used to circumvent security measures are also covered, as well as the need to document the security assessment process.

Modules Titles and Running Times:

  • Seaport And Ship Security Measures And Vulnerabilities (Length: 42 minutes)
  • Methodology And Considerations Associated With A Port Facility Vulnerability Assessment (Length: 72 minutes)
  • A Sample Risk Assessment Methodology For A Port Facility Or Ship Risk Assessment (Length: 36 minutes)

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