Emergency Preparedness, Drills, Exercises and Search Procedures

Emergency Preparedness, Drills, Exercises and Search Procedures

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Part of the ISPS & MTSA Maritime Security Compliance Video Training Series. Incident response planning for a variety of contingencies associated with terrorism and other criminal activities that may arise in a maritime setting is the primary topic that is discussed in this course. In addition search techniques for vehicles and personnel are thoroughly explored to enhance the effectiveness of screening practices at port and vessel checkpoints.

This course also explores the appropriate actions to be taken in the event of a bomb threat, explosion, act of piracy, hijacking, or other event of similar magnitude. In addition, it will help the student to prepare, manage, and learn from security exercises and drills. An emphasis placed on learning that security plans rarely withstand a drill or exercise without significant changes.

Topics Include:

  • Emergency preparedness, emergency response, and contingency planning
  • Security drills and exercises
  • How to assess port and ship security drills and exercises
  • Vehicle and personnel search techniques

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