Methanol Awareness and Safe Handling

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Although methanol is a hazardous chemical, if you understand safe handling procedures and what to do if exposure to methanol occurs, you can reduce the risks and ensure the safety of the crew, the workplace, the environment, and the community.

This training outlines some of the hazards related to the transport and storage of methanol and gives you information to help you handle methanol safely. Length: 15 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Physical & health hazards
  • PPE, detection instruments, and physical controls that can be used to minimize methanol‰۪s safety and health risks
  • Appropriate first aid measures to respond to the toxic effects, if exposure to methanol should occur
  • Methanol storage
  • Actions to take when reacting to a methanol spill or fire
  • Responsibilities of personnel before, during, and after methanol transfer

Sku: MOX-MAR-MethanolAware