Maritime Supervisor Training Series: Conducting Performance and Competency Evaluations

Maritime Supervisor Training Series: Conducting Performance and Competency Evaluations

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Part of the Maritime Supervisor Training Series. If performance reviews are a source of dread for you and your crew, it’s time to adopt a better approach. It begins with the recognition that appraisals offer leaders opportunities for clear, positive communication about goals for continuous improvement, not just annually, but on an ongoing basis.

An introduction to the evaluation process guides supervisors step-by-step through the best practices involved in conducting performance reviews, from writing meaningful comments and asking crewmembers self-evaluation questions to setting SMART goals and signing forms.

Confronted with interactive scenarios that challenge beliefs about discrimination, pay raises, and objectivity, supervisors make choices and then see both the positive and negative impact that their decisions would likely have on crewmembers. Length: 38 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Analyzing an employee’s performance by comparing their accomplishments and shortcomings to an established set of expectations
  • Evaluating each crewmember’s performance objectively, fairly, and consistently, using a formal, written and verbal appraisal
  • Identifying goals and create a plan for each crewmember to develop their skills and leadership ability
  • Using informal feedback to recognize employees for their contributions and explain in a positive and professional manner how to improve their performance

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