Maritime Supervisor Training Series: Supervisor's Guide to Workplace Harassment

Maritime Supervisor Training Series: Supervisor's Guide to Workplace Harassment

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Part of the Maritime Supervisor Training Series. Successful leaders know that crewmembers who fundamentally value one another as individuals are motivated to give their best effort and work together as a team. To achieve that level of success, supervisors first need to be able to recognize and respond to harassment (verbal, visual or physical) by anyone in the workplace, including contractors, customers and vendors.

This program shows how tolerating inappropriate behavior is a slippery slope to unwelcome conduct that is “severe or pervasive” enough to create a “hostile work environment.” By making decisions in interactive scenarios, supervisors see that creating a culture based on respect can help prevent accidents and injuries, increase retention rates and avoid potential legal action. Length: 30 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Supporting the idea that respect for people as individuals is essential to preventing harassment in the workplace
  • Explaining to employees what harassment is and why it is wrong and prepare them to avoid unacceptable, and potentially illegal, behaviors
  • Recognizing unacceptable employee behaviors and determine whether or not they constitute harassment
  • Assessing a situation based on a harassment complaint and then take appropriate corrective action

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