Maritime Back and Soft Tissue Injury Prevention for Crewmembers

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Due to the amount of physical activity involved in a ship’s operation, maritime workers are more likely to find themselves in situations where they are at risk of a back and soft tissue injury.

Poor body mechanics and working in prolonged awkward postures can create unnecessary stress on muscle, bones, discs, and joints. But with the right work habits, this can be avoided.

By working in neutral postures, practicing stabilization and posture relief techniques, and taking care of physical health, crewmembers can protect their bodies and provide the daily maintenance that is essential for proper back, body, and disc nutrition.

This dynamic back and soft tissue injury prevention program was designed to introduce you to the basic ergonomic concepts needed to help you perform your job using a safe and practical approach. 

Topics Include:

  • Safe Lifting Techniques
  • Stretching and Posture Relief Exercises
  • Proper Positioning & Stabilization Practices
  • The Importance of Exercise & A Proper Diet

Sku: MOX-MAR-Back-InjPrevent