Everything You Need to Know About TWIC (MTSA-Compliant)

Everything You Need to Know About TWIC (MTSA-Compliant)

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This program concentrates on the training aspects of the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) Amendments and Regulations regarding TWIC implementation.

It is your company‰۪s responsibility to ensure that its employees are aware of their need to apply for and maintain a TWIC. This training program lays out the pertinent information that is absolutely necessary for employers and employees to sail smoothly through the application process. One wrong answer on TSA Disclosure form 2212, can lead to disqualification or denial of an application, delaying your employee from obtaining a TWIC card for weeks.

Topics Include:

  • Who Must Get a TWIC?
  • Who Can Apply for a TWIC?
  • Disqualification Standards
  • Security Responsibilities for All Levels
  • Recognition of Forged/Altered TWIC's
  • Reporting Requirements
  • Lost/Stolen Card Procedures
  • Access Control
  • Definition of Secure Areas
  • Definition of Passenger, Employee, & Public Access Areas
  • Knowledge of Relevant Aspects of the TWIC Program
  • Employee's Responsibility to Apply/Maintain a TWIC
  • Deadlines and Methods for TWIC Application
  • Obligation to Inform TWIC of Ineligibility
  • Integrate Into Existing Access Control Systems
  • Compliance Dates
  • Biometric Smart Card Identity Technologies
  • What Are the Disqualifying Crimes?
  • What Documentation is Required for a TWIC?
  • Enrollment Procedures
  • Enrollment Payment and Fees
  • Appeals and Waivers Process
  • How Long is the TWIC Card Good For?
  • Will These Rules Affect All Merchant Mariners?
  • Is TWIC Required For Rail, Trucking or Airport Employees?