Detecting Weapons of Mass Destruction

Detecting Weapons of Mass Destruction

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When responding to potential acts of terrorism, one of the most difficult problems facing responders is determining the nature of the incident and type of weapon used. Monitoring and sampling activities help to answer these critical questions. These activities also aid in evaluating the credibility of the threat, and in making decisions about responder safety, protective actions, establishing control zones, decontamination, and evidence collection.

"Detecting Weapons of Mass Destruction" discusses the most up to date equipment and technologies used in WMD sampling and monitoring. It is designed for special operations units such as hazmat teams, bomb squads, tactical units, National Guard troops, and others who may need to carry out monitoring and sampling activities at a suspected WMD incident. Stressing safety, the program describes the complexities of detecting for weapons of mass destruction. It explains detection priorities and the technologies used to monitor for radiation, explosives, chemical weapons and biological weapons. The advantages and limitations of each type of technology is discussed. The focus is on equipment used as part of initial emergency response operations, rather than laboratory instruments or resources that may be prepositioned for an event. The program tells how to avoid false positives, and how to document findings. Among the technologies examined are dosimeters, radiation pagers, contamination survey instruments, bomb dogs, ion mobility spectrometry, mass spectrometry, high speed chromatography, M8 and M9 paper, the M256A1 wet chemistry kit, Hazmat Smart Strips, flame spectroscopy, Surface Acoustic Wave Chemical Agent Detectors, detector tubes, gas chromatography, combustible gas indicators, biological sampling kits, polymerase chain reaction, infrared spectroscopy, and stand-off monitoring systems. Detecting Weapons of Mass Destruction was filmed in Massachusetts with the assistance of major instrument manufacturers and with the Cambridge and Bourne Fire Depts. Printed reference material accompanies the package.

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