Countermeasures on Land

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The second part of the series, "Countermeasures on Land," focuses on the ecological impact of oil spills on land and along the shoreline. It explains the basic elements of a contingency plan, and covers control activities and spill countermeasures for land spills, including low and high pressure washing, sand blasting, soil washing, physical removal, mechanical removal, vacuum pumping, use of sorbents, degradation and bioremediation.

"Countermeasures On Land" also discusses the potential impact of various treatment methods, and covers appropriate safety precautions that must be taken by responders, including use of protective equipment and safety plans. Other topics examined include how land spills behave, how to prepare for an approaching spill, how intrusive clean-up methods can be detrimental and can delay natural recovery, and the special problems of shoreline clean-up. 28 minutes

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