It Takes a Village to Raise an Alcoholic

It Takes a Village to Raise an Alcoholic

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Charlie explains the role we all play in the lives of alcoholics. He exposes how alcoholics lie, deny and alibi and how making excuses for alcoholics perpetuates the problem.

Charlie openly admits to his own alcoholism and his struggle with it for many years. Although he never went to work intoxicated, Charlie did believe that if drinking didn't kill him - nothing could

Because alcohol is in 47% of all industrial accidents and results in the loss of $100 billion in productivity every year, you can't afford to miss this program.

Main Points:
  • Highlights the impact of drugs and alcohol in the workplace
  • Distinguishes "enabling" behaviors of fellow workers
  • Emphasizes that a company can not have a safe workplace if people are using/abusing/enabling

Length: 36 minutes

Sku: PSM-ItTakesAVillage

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