Safe Swing Rope Transfers for Offshore Oil Personnel

Safe Swing Rope Transfers for Offshore Oil Personnel

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You will have 72 hours from purchase to complete the interactive course.

The online interactive course includes interactive knowledge checks / quiz questions, and you WILL receive a certificate on completion.

This interactive training course equips you with the essential knowledge needed to elevate your skills, enhance your safety awareness, and ensure confidence in the use of swing ropes, securing transfers even in challenging conditions.

Learn the safety rules, techniques, and timing required for efficient swing rope utilization.

Specifically, this course explores topics including:

  • Conducting inspections of swing ropes to identify signs of wear, damage, or deterioration
  • Practicing load tests to ensure ropes are in optimal condition before use
  • Evaluating sea conditions to make informed decisions about swinging
  • Understanding the critical role of the captain and learn how to respond effectively to ensure the victim's safety