Introduction to Oilfield & Drilling Operations and Equipment

Introduction to Oilfield & Drilling Operations and Equipment

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For oilfield employees involved with drilling operations, it is imperative that they have a basic understanding of the job. This program identifies all the people it takes to run a rig and support a drilling operation, as well as the equipment, tools and services that a rig and the oilfield needs to do this job.

Employees will learn how a drilling rig drills a hole (a well) in the ground. After this training, new and existing employees to the oilfield will be able toåÊunderstand how drilling rigs operate. They will also be able to identify oilfield equipment and its terminology, and be familiar with the various contract support companies and their roles. Length: 41 minutes

Module titles include:

  • Introduction
  • Deciding Where to Drill
  • How a Rig Drills a Well
  • Casing and Cement
  • Well Completion
  • Drilling Personnel
  • Drilling Rig Equipment
  • Drilling Rig Instruments

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