Maritime Supervisor Training Series: Conducting Difficult Conversations

Maritime Supervisor Training Series: Conducting Difficult Conversations

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Part of the Maritime Supervisor Training Series. Managing employees is both an art and a science. Given the length of time mariners employees need to work and live together in close quarters, supervisors face unique challenges. Understanding the drivers of human behavior and practicing good communication skills can help maritime supervisors overcome obstacles to teamwork and develop their leadership potential.

After being presented with challenging situations, supervisors select from optional responses, observe the positive or negative outcomes of their choices and then receive feedback before proceeding. This instructional technique is similar to case-study models found in the nation’s best business schools; here, however, we have customized it to teach maritime supervisors in their unique positions as leaders.

This program demonstrates how to make it easier to proactively address subjects like wearing PPE, improving personal hygiene, and being on time for shifts. Length: 34 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Taking Responsibility for Personal Safety
  • Resolving Interpersonal Workplace Conflicts
  • Utilizing the Corrective-Action Process to Modify Employee Behaviors

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