Safer Seas Act: A Compliance Guide

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Embark on a safer maritime journey with Moxie Media's Safer Seas Act compliance resources. Check out our one-stop shop for vessel compliance.

The Safer Seas Act aims to make the maritime industry safer by preventing sexual assault and harassment. Furthermore, the Act requires that U.S.-flagged vessels adhere to specific requirements related to reporting, training, surveillance, and overall safety measures.

In other words, the Act aims to foster a culture of accountability, eliminate harassment, and prioritize the well-being of individuals working in the maritime sector.

This program equips vessels to meet the requirements of the Safer Seas Act, ensuring compliance through clear guidance and interactive learning.

Program Topics Include

  • Learn the Basics: Understand the Safer Seas Act's background and purpose. Moreover, it plays a key role in creating a secure maritime environment.
  • Explore Reporting Requirements: Master reporting incidents. For example, the program stresses the importance of immediate reporting, detailed reports, and potential legal implications.
  • Implement Policies and Procedures: Explore the Safer Seas Act's mandates for integrating policies into Safety Management System (SMS) manuals, focusing on prevention, response, and investigation.
  • Dive into Training Requirements: Delve into mandatory annual training on sexual assault and harassment. In addition, learn what training should cover, including: prevention, bystander intervention, reporting, response, and investigation.
  • Grasp Video Surveillance System Essentials: Grasp the specifics of the Safer Seas Act's video surveillance system requirements. Ensure compliance with strategic placement, technical specifications, and crew notification.
  • Delve into the Master Key Control System: Understand an additional preventive measure—the Master Key Control System. The Act requires this system to limit access to private spaces and enhance overall security.
  • Understand the Importance of Displaying Signs: Grasp the importance of displaying signs in quarters and washrooms. With this purpose in mind, the Act requires signs communicating policies, reporting procedures, and key contact details to help make a secure onboard environment.

With engaging lessons and activities, this program goes beyond mere compliance. Moreover, it  encourages a culture of accountability and ensures crew safety.

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