Safer Seas Act: Sexual Assault and Sexual Harassment Prevention Compliance Resources

In the maritime industry, fostering a safe and respectful environment is paramount, and compliance with the Safer Seas Act is not just a legal obligation but a commitment to crew well-being.

Reinforcing your commitment to a secure workplace and compliance with Moxie Media's Safer Seas Act: A Compliance Guide course. This training was designed to help crew and operators understand and follow the requirements of the Safer Seas Act.

Additionally, our range of signs, meticulously crafted to meet the stringent guidelines set forth by the Coast Guard and the Safer Seas Act, provide essential information required in crew berthing areas and washing spaces.

From outlining policies against sexual assault and harassment and detailing reporting procedures and external resources to clearly indicating the presence of video and audio surveillance systems, our signs contribute to creating a safer maritime environment.

Choose from our varied sizes and materials to ensure optimal visibility and durability.