Step Back for Safety Series: First Aid

  • $24.95

This program introduces the principles of first aid in an emergency and how to perform basic care techniques for some of the most common injuries that occur in the workplace.

When first aid is administered right away at the location where the injury occurred, you can minimize injury and future disability.

With some basic first aid techniques, employees can be confident they’ll know how to respond to many common emergencies. Length: 27 minutes

Topics Include:

  • What is First Aid?
  • Scene and Victim Assessment
  • First Aid Kits and PPE
  • Cuts, Scrapes, and Burns
  • Severe Bleeding
  • Broken Bones and Fractures
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Heat-Related Illnesses and Cold Exposure
  • Choking
  • Heart Attacks
  • Injury Reporting and Further Training

Sku: MOX-SB-First-Aid