Safety Showers & Eye Washes in the Laboratory

Safety Showers & Eye Washes in the Laboratory

  • $19.95

Employees may never need a safety shower or an eye wash... but if they do, knowing where they are located, and the proper procedures for using them, can prevent serious injury or possibly even save a life.

"Safety Showers and Eye Washes in the Laboratory" reviews the correct ways to use this equipment, and emphasizes the need for quick action after a chemical splash or spill in a laboratory. Length: 9 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Getting to Eye Washes and Safety Showers in an Emergency
  • Operating Showers and Eye Washes
  • Exposure to Corrosive Substances
  • Testing Eye Wash and Shower Equipment
  • Using Showers and Eye Washes Properly...and more.


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