Security Awareness for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

Security Awareness for the Offshore Oil & Gas Industry

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This course is designed to accomplish the specific levels of training required for compliance with the U.S.C.G. Maritime Security Regulations known as the Maritime Transportation Security Act - MTSA and the International Maritime Organization's ISPS or International Ship and Port Facility Code. This training is consistent with the requirements in 33CFR 106.220 and 104.225 and the ISPS code for personnel working in offshore oil and gas industries.

This training program, with accompanying written Facilitator Guide and test questions, is ideal for training current and future employees while on the job and will be an excellent addition to new employee, visitor and contractor orientations to satisfy the current compliance requirements.

Topics Include:

  • ISPS and MARSEC security levels
  • Recognition and detection of dangerous devices
  • Facility or vessel security plan
  • Techniques used to circumvent security measures


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