Emergency Helicopter Abandonment

Emergency Helicopter Abandonment

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Part of the Marine Survival Series. Helicopters are a very safe and efficient means of transporting to and from offshore locations, but like any man made device, they are prone to failure. As the number of personnel flying over water increases, there is a greater risk of helicopter ditchings and the need for personnel to be trained in underwater escape methods.

This training outlines the actions required by passengers during a controlled ditching (autorotation to an upright position), a semi-controlled ditching (autorotation with immediate capsizing) and an uncontrolled ditching (mid-flight break up or hard entry into the water). Emphasis is placed on pre-flight preparation, listening to the flight crew, use of seat belt, knowledge of proper crash positions, and the ability of passengers to orient themselves underwater in order to locate and activate submerged aircraft exits.

Languages Available:

  • English
  • Spanish

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