Dropped Object Prevention for the Oilfield Industry

Dropped Object Prevention for the Oilfield Industry

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A grease gun dropped from a height of 30 feet generates enough force to kill a worker below. Even a smaller object, such as a screwdriver or shackle, can cause a serious injury when dropped from above. That’s why it is so important to prevent all dropped objects, without exception.

This program describes the hazards and risk factors that make dropped objects a serious problem at oil and gas installations and facilities. It also focuses on the best practices in dropped object prevention throughout the industry.

This training is also an excellent tool to help your company comply with dropped object prevention initiatives. Length: 12 minutes

Dropped Object Hazards & Risk Factors:

  • Presence of high places
  • Equipment, fixtures and components at height
  • Work at heights
  • Force and vibration
  • Equipment failure
  • Failure to follow procedures
  • Infrequent or faulty inspections or maintenance
  • Absence of engineering controls such as barriers
  • Ineffective administrative controls
  • Lack of a systematic approach to dropped object prevention

Preventive Actions:

  • Pre-job Planning or JSA
  • Active Dropped Object Prevention Program
  • Checklists for items taken aloft
  • Primary & secondary securing systems
  • Proper anchorage selection
  • Engineering controls
  • Use of tool belts or bags
  • Lanyard systems for tools
  • Use of locking safety shackles
  • Systematic inspection and maintenance

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