Workplace Nutrition - A Recipe for Optimum Health

Workplace Nutrition - A Recipe for Optimum Health

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The 72hr interactive version is an online elearning course with interactive knowledge checks / quiz questions. You WILL receive a completion certificate.

The 48hr streaming version is video only, and does NOT include a completion certificate.

Part of the Employee Health and Wellness Training Series. Our population is now fatter than at anytime in history. About two out of three adults and almost a fourth of our children are either overweight or obese. High fat and sugary fast foods have become the norm while sedentary lifestyles further add to the problem. Obesity, which is directly associated with diabetes, cancer, heart attacks, and strokes, is now second only to smoking as a major cause of preventable death. Consequently, obesity-related illnesses are drastically increasing medical costs for companies around the world. Dr. Bunch will reveal the real reasons underlying the fattening of today‰۪s population and offer a highly effective, no-nonsense approach to eating healthily and losing fat.

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