Ladder Safety for the Maritime Industries

Ladder Safety for the Maritime Industries

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Ladders account for over 150,000 injuries each year in the U.S., 65,000 require emergency room treatment and 300 result in deaths. This program discusses types of ladders and their intended use. In addition to safe-use ladder procedures, this training also covers proper inspection procedures. Length: 14 minutes

Inspection Topics Include:

  • Checking hardware and fittings for worn, loose or broken parts
  • Making sure nuts and bolts are tight
  • Making sure that the slip-resistant safety feet are in working order and not worn or broken
  • CheckingåÊthat the stepladder spreaders are in good shape and that they lock the ladder open
  • Making sureåÊthe ropes and pulleys on extension ladders are in sound condition
  • Checking wood ladders for dampness that could alter their non-conductivity
  • Checking that metal ladders are free of burrs or sharp edges

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