Handling Compressed Gas Cylinders in the Laboratory

Handling Compressed Gas Cylinders in the Laboratory

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The energy possessed by a compressed gas cylinder can make it a virtual "missile" if it is not handled with the utmost care. And a leaking cylinder or fitting can lead to asphyxiation, a fire or even an explosion. Since compressed gas cylinders are frequently used in many laboratories, employees need to be familiar with the precautions that should be taken when dealing with them.

"Handling Compressed Gas Cylinders in the Laboratory" examines how gas cylinders "work", the hazards that are associated with them and the need for caution when using or storing a cylinder. Length:15 minutes

Topics Include:

  • The Four Major Ways to Compress Gases
  • Hazards Associated with Compressed Gases
  • Proper Storage Procedures
  • Marking and Labeling Cylinders
  • Connections and Fittings
  • Leak detection...and more

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