Flammables and Explosives in the Laboratory

Flammables and Explosives in the Laboratory

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Flammables and explosives are some of the most dangerous materials used in a laboratory. When working with these substances, employees need to know their characteristics, as well as how to prevent accidents and injuries when using them.

"Flammables and Explosives in the Laboratory" discusses the nature of flammable and explosive materials, as well as the hazards associated with their use. They also review the proper handling procedures and personal protective equipment that should be used when working with these substances. Length: 15 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Definitions of Flammables and Explosives
  • Conditions That Can Create Hazards.
  • The Role of Ventilation in Preventing Problems
  • Transporting Flammables and Explosives
  • Storage Considerations
  • Using Compressed Gases
  • Emergency Planning
  • Disposing of Flammables and Explosives...and more


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