connecting your business to the TRAINING resources you need.
Think of eLearning as a portable, virtual classroom, that’s ready wherever you need it. For industries with workers in the field, even in far-flung or remote locations, eLearning has been a sea-change, overhauling the way workers are trained, while reducing, even eliminating, travel costs. This training is accessible around the clock, every day of the year, whenever your people are ready. And what happens once the training has been completed?

These days, trainers need instant access to training records. Regulatory officials and company auditors demand accurate, complete information, and aren’t always willing to wait for you to compile it. With Moxie Media’s Learning Management System (LMS), the records you need are always at your fingertips. Accessing the complete training history for a single employee or an entire crew is just a click away.

    10 Benefits of eLearning
    1. Automated records & reporting
    2. Instant remote access - 24/7, 365
    3. Complete scheduling flexibility
    4. Quality interactive, self-paced programs
    5. access to online course library
    6. Report to industry databases
    7. Reduce liability and losses
    8. Track classroom & eLearning courses
    9. Maximize training time in & out of class
    10. Train on the job site