Step Back for Safety Series: All Eyes on Safety

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Working in the Oil & Gas, Maritime, and Construction Industries is rewarding, but involves many job-related dangers. Workers are frequently exposed to hazards such as heavy machinery, airborne particles, caustic chemicals, and sometimes even radiation.

And workers always need to be on guard against eye injuries. Our eyes are fragile and vulnerable to injuries that can happen in an instant and result in permanent disfigurement or blindness.

Fortunately, many eye injuries that occur on the job are preventable. Education and proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) can greatly reduce the number and severity of accidents.

This brief course covers what you need to know about eye protection and safety in the workplace, including proper use of protective equipment and first aid for eye injuries. Length: 19 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Appropriate PPE for Eye Protection
  • Types of Eye Protection & Inspecting PPE 
  • First Aid for Eye Injuries 
  • Injury Reporting

    Sku: MOX-SB-Eye-Safety