Maritime Cybersecurity Awareness

  • $24.95

This Maritime Cybersecurity Awareness Training teaches employees to be aware of the most common attacks, how to put effective safeguards into practice, and what to consider when implementing cybersecurity into the SMS.

This program increases employee cyber-awareness, explains the difference between Informational Technology and Operational Technology, and gives important tips on how to monitor and protect both kinds of systems.

This training also reviews the 5 standards of IMO Cybersecurity Recommendations, “Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover,” which should be considered as part of the risk management review in the SMS. Length: 23 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Malware, Phishing, and Social Engineering
  • Password Security Best Practices
  • Data Privacy
  • Safe Browsing Practices
  • Special Security Requirements of Operational Technology
  • Maritime-specific Cyber Risks
  • Recommendations for Implementing Cybersecurity Risk Management into the Safety Management System (Based on IMO Guidelines)

Sku: MOX-MAR-Cybersecurity-Awareness