Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness

  • $19.95

The 72hr interactive version is an online elearning course with interactive knowledge checks / quiz questions. You WILL receive a completion certificate.

The 48hr streaming version is video only, and does NOT include a completion certificate.

Employees are on the front line of computer security. Phishing, social engineering, and weak passwords are some of the easiest ways for a business to be exposed to a cyber attack. And given that we rely on computer systems on the job every day, cybersecurity is critical.

Cybersecurity awareness training helps get everyone in an organization on the same page. Once employees are aware of common cyber threats, they can reduce risks and incidents and help protect their organization and themselves. Length: 15 minutes

The Cybersecurity Awareness training program includes:

  • Common threats like malware, phishing, and social engineering
  • Secure password best practices
  • Data privacy best practices
  • Safe online browsing practices

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