Crew Safety Orientation

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Formerly Deckhand Orientation & Injury Prevention Training for the Inland and Coastal Waterways, this best-selling program has been updated to include the requirements found in the Subchapter M regulations. Regulation 46 CFR 140. 410 Safety Orientation requires that prior to getting underway for the first time on a particular vessel each crewmember must receive a safety orientation.

This program also covers the training topics required by the American Waterways Operators, Responsible Carrier Program (RCP) for entry level and deck crew personnel. Training topics cover orientation, safe work practices and hazard awareness instruction.

Modules Titles and Running Times:

  • Onboard Duties and Responsibilities (5 minutes):
    • Topics include: Personal Requirements, Crew Duties, Crew Positions, Work Schedules, Onboard Life
  • Work Policies and Housekeeping (5 minutes):
    • Topics include: PPE, Housekeeping, Tools, Respirator Training, Hearing Protection
  • Safety Policies and Practices (8 minutes):
    • Topics Include: Hazard Awareness, Ladder Safety, Fall Protection, Lockout/Tagout, Confined Space, HAZCOM, SDS, Tool Inspection and Maintenance
  • Emergency Response (7:48 minutes):
    • Topics include: Station Bill, Emergency Duties, Man Overboard, Fire Safety & Response, Fire Extinguishing Equipment
  • Vessel Incident Response (6 minutes):
    • Topics include: Grounding, Sinking, Vessel Abandonment, Collisions, Allisions, Emergency Response
  • Injury Prevention (7 minutes):
    • Topics include: Building a Safety Culture, Slips, Trips and Falls, Back Safety and Lifting, Sprains and Strains, Posture Relief, Stretching, Reporting Unsafe Conditions or Acts
  • Safe Decking and Towing Practices (11 minutes):
    • Topics include: Building Tow, Hand Signals, Radios, Laying Wires and Ratchets, Safe Use of Rigging, Deck Work, Barge Inspection, Hazards at Night, Snow and Ice, Watch the Bump
  • Line Handling (5 minutes):
    • Topics include: Tying up Boat & Barge, Throwing Lines, Safe Line Handling, Line Hazards, Line Snapback, Deck Fittings, Checking Barges, Bight Hazards Responsible Carrier Program
  • 46 CFR Subchapter M Requirements (6 minutes):
    • Topics include: Location, Operation, and Use of Lifesaving Equipment; Emergency Response Roles and Responsibilities, egress procedures; Use and Operation of Watertight/Weathertight Closures

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