Fluid Truck Accident and Rollover Prevention for the Oilfield Industries

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Without sufficient training, tanker truck operators may find themselves in a dangerous situation without the skills to respond appropriately. These rigs are prone to rollover accidents, often with tragic results for drivers, their families and the public.

This program explains in a clear, easy-to-follow manner the reasons why fluid truck accidents occur. Once employees understand the dynamics of fluids in the tank, as well as hazards on the road, they will know why safe actions are essential. Length: 25 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Fluid Slosh and Surge
  • Rollovers on Curves and Straightaways
  • Rough Road Conditions Around Oilfield Well Sites
  • Risk Factors for Motor Vehicle Accidents
  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Trip Planning
  • Driving to Maintain Stability
  • Resisting Distraction and Fatigue
  • Evasive Actions

Sku: MOX-LBD-FluidTruck