Marine Spill Prevention and Response

Marine Spill Prevention and Response

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Maritime industry vessel and tank barge personnel work with numerous hazardous materials, products and cargo as a part of their daily routine. From the fuels and lubricants required to power the engines, to the most dangerous chemical cargo, the risk of having a hazardous product spill or release is ever present.

It is likely that all marine personnel will be involved, during their career, in a spill response situation. It may be a minor lube oil leak on the engine room deck, or a major cargo release into the water resulting from a collision.

This program offers guidance on what you should do in the event of a marine industry oil or chemical spill. More importantly, there is information to help you decide what NOT to do. When hazardous materials are spilled, protecting yourself, your crew mates, the environment and vessel equipment is a critical skill for all professional mariners to know. Length: 28 minutes

Topics Include:

  • Vessel Response Plans
  • Liquid and Chemical Hazard Awareness
  • Crew Spill Response
  • Mitigation and Clean-Up
  • Proper Use of Containment and Clean-Up Equipment

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