Working Smart: Reducing Risks of Sprains and Strains

Working Smart: Reducing Risks of Sprains and Strains

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The 72hr interactive version is an online elearning course with interactive knowledge checks / quiz questions. You WILL receive a completion certificate.

The 48hr streaming version is video only, and does NOT include a completion certificate.

Part of the Employee Health and Wellness Training Series.

Joint, ligament, muscle and tendon strains, often referred to as soft tissue injuries, are common disorders in the workplace today, especially in the current aging generation. Painful sprains and strains that slow us down can lead to scar tissue, arthritic damage to the body, and serious disability. Dr. Bunch will describe how the human body needs to be maintained like a well-oiled machine and warmed up properly each day. This regimen, we will learn, becomes instrumental in slowing down the aging process by helping us preserve the integrity and health of our joints.

Dr. Bunch, using a valuable on-the-job stretching program, will describe how employees can prevent muscle imbalances and weakening of tissues that can increase their vulnerability to unnecessary sprains, strains and joint injuries through a greater understanding of key ergonomic principles. He will also discuss the effective medical management of employee soft tissue disorders.

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