Heart Disease and Cancer - Reducing Employee Health Risks

Heart Disease and Cancer - Reducing Employee Health Risks

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Part of the Employee Health and Wellness Training Series. A heart attack can come at any moment without warning and cancer is a life threatening disease that can ravish our bodies long before we have noticeable symptoms. Yet, did you know that almost all heart disease and many forms of cancer can be prevented? Although genetics are often an important factor, we can still work to better our lifestyle habits which we know play a significant role in our risks for these dreaded diseases.

While the aging process will bring with it increasing incidences of high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes and cancer, the younger generations are not exempt. In fact, in a full-blown computer age where sedentary, couch potato lifestyles are becoming more the accepted norm, they are at even greater risk. Like investing in a retirement fund, companies must invest in their employees' health now in order to significantly reduce their risk of heart disease and cancer later in life.

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