Back and Neck Injury Prevention

Back and Neck Injury Prevention

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Part of the Employee Health and Wellness Training Series. So many employees today experience painful and disabling back and neck injuries, that these disorders are now considered by companies to be the primary musculoskeletal disorders that lead to disability.

The problem is that most employees do not understand that back and neck problems, more often than not, develop without warning. It is not unusual to hear someone say that their back gave out while bending over to put on their shoes or that they injured their neck while sneezing. Yet, we know that these every day events will not injure healthy backs and necks.

Like many types of illnesses today, back and neck problems develop gradually over time, often without symptoms. Dr. Bunch will explain the real underlying causes of these disorders and how traditional reactive medical approaches that address only symptoms rather than the cause are ineffective and often doomed to failure.

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