Safe Use & Operation of Industrial Cranes

Safe Use & Operation of Industrial Cranes

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(Available in English and Spanish)Cranes come in a wide variety of sizes, configurations and capacities to lift and transport various products and materials used in industry. Because of the serious hazards presented by crane operation, crane operators must be fully qualified and 100 percent committed to the safe operation of their crane.

That is the purpose of this program--to review the safety rules, precautions and safe operating practices common to all cranes in order to help crane operators work safely with the specific cranes they operate. Length: 20 minutes

Topics Include:
  • Becoming qualified to operate a crane
  • Pre-operational inspection
  • Inspection of slings & chains
  • Rigging the load
  • Horizontal sling angles
  • Checking for hazards prior to operation
  • Lifting & transporting the load and use of hand signals & tag lines

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