Play It Safe – An Overview of Crane Safety

Play It Safe – An Overview of Crane Safety

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This video highlights basic crane safety practices for crane operators, riggers and laborers working with and around cranes.

High Frequency Areas of Risk:
• 1/3 of Accidents are With People Working Near or Under the Load
• Poor Rigging
• Poor Maintenance
• Over-loading Boom
• Too Close to Obstructions
• Too Close to Electrical Lines – Highest Risk is Electrocution

Safe Crane Operation Includes:
• Use of Log Book: Proper Daily Procedures, OSHA Tests and Reports
Pre-work Inspection
• Water, Fuel and Oil Levels
• Safety Locking Devices Are in Place
• Air Tank
• Fluid Leaks
• Loose Bolts
• Crane and Boom Cracks and Weaknesses
• Wire Ropes and Rigging Hardware
• Lights, Brakes
• Outriggers
• Working on Stable, Level Ground
• Working Compartment
• Load Charts

Electrical Hazards:
• Covers Proper Pre-work Procedures
• Emergency Procedures if Contact is Made

Proper Loading and Moving:
• Signaling
• Employee Communications
• Load Limits
• Lifting and Moving a Load

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