Lockout/Tagout - Authorized & Affected Employees

Lockout/Tagout - Authorized & Affected Employees

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(Available in English, Spanish and English/Spanish Combination)This two-disc series has been updated with exciting new videos for both Authorized and Affected workers. The program is easy-to-follow and includes a clear outline of each step in the lockout/tagout procedure.

Program includes Blueprints for Safety® Administrative Guide, 5 employee handbooks and PowerPoint Presentation. Length 17 minutes

Topics Include:
• Lockout/Tagout Definitions
• The Most Common Forms of Energy Sources
• Situations that Require Lockout/Tagout Procedures
• The Various Types of Lockout Devices
• Proper Lockout/Tagout Procedures
• Safe Startup Procedures

Sku: CLM-Lo/ToAuth&AffEmpLOBCPSD