Hazard Communication: KHAZ Talk Radio

Hazard Communication: KHAZ Talk Radio

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(Available in English, Spanish and English/Spanish Combination)Hazard Communication can sometimes be a difficult topic to train on. With this in mind, CLMI designed a training program that takes a fresh and entertaining approach to convey practical information that every employee should know before working with chemicals.

This program presents everyday concerns and situations that employees experience at the workplace in a light-hearted, “talk radio” style.

Program includes Blueprints for Safety® Administrative Guide, 5 Employee Handbooks, and PowerPoint Presentation.

Your employees will learn:
• How to Identify the Chemicals They are Working With
• How to Read Container Labels, Including Instructions for Interpreting the Coloring and Numbering System
• How to Read a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Including the 16-part ANSI MSDS Hazard Classification System, Including the FACTOR System (Flammable and Corrosive, Toxic, or Reactive) Protection measures including the use of PPE, storage, and emergency procedures