Confined Space Entry

Confined Space Entry

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(Available in English, Spanish and English/Spanish Combination)No matter how familiar employees may be with a confined space, there are always hidden risks involved. Entering a space without first identifying its hazards and taking the proper precautionary measures could cost your workers their lives.

This program allows your employees to witness a realistic depiction of an impropper entry into a confined space, so that they understand the negative consequences of such an action and teach them how to avoid a similar situation at your worksite.

Program includes Blueprints for Safety® Administrative Guide, 5 employee handbooks. Length 17 minutes

Topics Include:
• Classification of Confined Spaces
• The Hazards Associated With a Confined Space
• How to Protect Themselves From Hazards
• The Steps Involved in Entry Preparation
• Proper Entry Procedures
• The Responsibilities of the Confined Space Attendant and Entrant
• Non-entry Rescue Techniques

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