A Bit About Backs

A Bit About Backs

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Back injuries account for a whopping 25% of all disabling work injuries, as well as one-third of all compensation expense in the U.S.! Help deter back injury in your workplace with this unique, three-module program about back injury prevention. Each module opens and closes with a brief comedy club act that highlights humorous aspects of back care. Its refreshingly entertaining approach will help employees retain useful information that reinforces positive behavior.

Modules Topics Include:

  • How the Back FunctionsThis module presents practical information on how the back functions. An entertaining sitcom shows "Bob" going through a 24-hour day with "Back Pain" - an irritating visitor that is constantly reminding Bob of his impaired condition. Length: 12 minutes
  • Common Risk Factors: This module uses practical examples to address the common risk factors related to work and home activities. As the sitcom continues, the audience sees "Bob" get busted by the "Back Patrol" for performing a bad lift, in an exaggerated attempt to convince people to change their ways. Length: 13 minutes
  • Prevention Techniques: This module focuses on prevention techniques used with proper lifting, sleeping, sitting, standing and the important role of exercise, "Bob" appears again reaping the benefits of having made positive changes in his body mechanics. Length: 15 minutes

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